Moo and more – iPad learning Game

„Moo and more“ is a funny learning game for young children. Discover lots of amazing scenes while learning and having fun.

The journey begins with the free set „At the Farm„. Extension sets will then lead you to other scenes: the Forest, Africa, Pirates, and Wonderland.

Children will learn specific animal sounds by simply tapping on certain animal figures. Along the way, other items will also produce a variety of sounds and animations. This will make their exploration even more exciting. Many features are not visible from the start. Scenes require further exploration to unveil all secrets. Funny pictures and the search for hidden secrets will entertain all members of your family.

As an interactive storybook, „Moo and more“ is the ideal learning game. The targeted searching and tapping will improve perception and fine motor skills in children. Parents and their children will have a lot of fun at trying to answer simple questions like „What kind of noise does a cow make?“ or „Can you find the monkey?“. „Moo and more“ is a fun learning game for the entire family!



App Store

  • Play the set „At the farm“ for free
  • Order up to 5 extension sets for just 0.99 USD


  • iPad
  • iOS Version 4.0 or newer