NEW: The MoneyControl WebApp

In addition to the mobile versions of MoneyControl (iOS, Android, etc.) we have no released the new MoneyControl WebApp.

The WebApp allows you to use your MoneyControl budget book online. The automatic sync will keep your data always up to date. No matter if you are working on your smartphone, tablet or at the big screen at home.

iOS und Mac OS


Windows und Windows Phone

All platforms

MoneyControl is available for all major platforms: iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android, Windows and Windows Phone.

It was carefully designed to perfectly fit into each platform.


You can use Dropbox to sync data across all your devices. Simply enter your expenses on the go and evaluate them on the big screen at home.

We are working on an option to sync the app using Private Cloud right know. This will allow you to sync the data within your private home network

Simple usage

Keeping track of your expenses is a necessary task that can be quite cumbersome. MoneyControl helps you be making this task as easy and fun as possible.

MoneyControl brings it to the point and gives you all a budget book needs. Not more – not less.

Award Winning

MoneyControl has been honored with many different MoneyControl award. Recently even with the MobileTech Award 2014 as best finance app.

More than a million users trust MoneyControl and use it everyday to keep track of their daily spendings.

MoneyControl gives you all a budget book needs

Not more – not less


MoneyControl helps you to keep track of your daily expenses and income. Find out how much money you spend. Use MoneyControl to save you money! A great design and a simple user interface were our key requirements during the development of MoneyControl. Despite of the limited space on an iPhone screen MoneyControl offers all features you need to control your money:
  • Simple and intuitive creation of new expense or income entries.
  • Add additional, customizable details to your transactions: Category, Person, Group, Account and Note
  • Summary report for all transactions of the current month on the main page.
  • A review on all past transactions is only on touch away.
  • Automatic creation of recurring transactions like wages, rent, etc.
  • Support of many different currencies.
  • Passcode protection to secure your private data.
  • Export to CSV format to edit and evaluate your data in Excel or other spreadsheet tools.
  • Simple backup of all transactions and settings over your WiFi network.


MoneyControl ist one of the best apps we have ever tested. The app offers all functionality one needs to track your expenses without being overloaded. The user interface is very intuitive and strictly limited to essential features (…)

It is really fun to track expenses using MoneyControl and to see where all the money has gone.

Jörg Schiel - AppReviewBlog